• Maximize Efficiency, Organise Clients, Expand your Business

    CRM, Sales and Marketing Tool for Small-Medium Businesses

Benefits of Edge Connect

Make your business look professional. Integrate with your website, automate processes, reporting and send email marketing

Manage Leads & Clients

Marketing Reporting

Improve Efficiency

CRM for Small Business

Edge Connect is beyond CRM. Organise your leads and clients in one centralised software.

Upload your clients into groups, lead source, and sales process stage. It also feeds the leads directly from your website, social media or any online campaign directly into Edge Connect.
Add client details, action notes, create proposals, communicate via email, all inside Edge Connect.

The CRM also integrates with the dashboard analytics, email marketing system and automations. Your business will be able to track all leads, quotes, proposals and sales conversions. Edge Connect allows small businesses to benefit from software that was previously only affordable to large companies.

Marketing & Analytics

Comprehensive Dashboard and Marketing Tools.

Integrate Edge Connect with Google Adwords, Organic search results, Social Media, Email Marketing or any other online campaign.

You can view each campaign traffic, leads and conversions in an easy to understand chart and report, allowing you to make strategic decisions about your marketing campaigns and expenditure.

Integrations and Automations

Integrate all your online marketing to Edge Connect. Automate your marketing.

The leads and information coming from your website (or other ways you collect leads) are saved directly to the Edge Connect database. The centralised client database, gives your business a better way to manage your clients, so that you don’t have to rely only on staff managing their individual emails, contacts and enquiries.

All new clients are saved automatically into the CRM, allowing efficient and transparent communication and storage of information. In addition, we also connect your social media and all other lead generating forms to Edge Connect, thereby automatically centralising the flow of leads and clients. You can also allocate an account manager for each client.

Email Marketing

Send professional newsletters to your clients.

Tailor different newsletters for specific client groups and automate email marketing based on individual client behaviour. Amongst many features, you can select the date and time that email marketing is to be sent, and choose not to send emails to clients who have received an email recently.

Edge Connect provides an easy way to create and manage your newsletters. You can quickly edit and amend newsletter templates. The comprehensive statistics provides details such as number of views, clicks, unsubscribed and email failures per newsletter.

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